Docket No: 14-098-01

Community Water Company LLC – Rate Case

Docket Index

Docket Number: 14-098-01

In the Matter of: the Application of Community Water Company for Approval of a General Rate Increase


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Date Description
April 28, 2016 Terry Lange Request for Intervenor Status
April 26, 2016 Appendix A Re: Terry Lange
April 19, 2016 Appendix A Re: Francis Amendola
April 19, 2016 Petition to Intervene in Adjudicative Proceeding
November 18, 2015 Petition to Intervene of Guy E. Rawson, President, Hidden Creek HOA
November 18, 2015 Appendix A Re: Guy Rawson
October 29, 2015 Order Granting Intervention of Terry Lange
October 29, 2015 Order Granting Intervention of Scott H. Murri
October 29, 2015 Order Granting Intervention of Francis Amendola
October 9, 2015 Certificate of Service from Francis Amendola
October 9, 2015 Appendix A Re: Terry Lange
October 9, 2015 Terry Lange Petition to Intervene
October 7, 2015 Appendix A Re: Francis Amendola
October 7, 2015 Petition to Intervene of Scott Murri
October 7, 2015 Petition to Intervene of Francis Amendola
July 20, 2015 Notice of Substitution of Presiding Officer
December 1, 2014 Order Determining Application for Rate Case is Incomplete, and Cancelling Comment Period and Scheduling Conference
November 24, 2014 Redacted Comments from DPU
Comments from DPU [PROPRIETARY]
November 12, 2014 Notices of Filing, Comment Period, Scheduling Conference
November 10, 2014 Action Request Due: December 8, 2014
November 6, 2014 Application to Approve Proposed Water Service Schedules and Rates
Tariff No. 1
Community Water Company – Comparison of Rates
Table of Contents
Exhibit A – 1 Most Recent Division of Drinking Water Certification (Not Applicable)
Exhibit B – 2 Certificate of Public Convenience and Need Number (Not Applicable)
Exhibit C – 3 Articles of Incorporation
Exhibit D – Number of Connections Approved – Meter List [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit E – 4 Service Area Map
Exhibit F – 5 Ownership and Officers
Exhibit G – 6 Associated Companies
Exhibit H – 7 Tariff Dated August 16, 1991
Exhibit I – 8 Community Water Sources [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit J – 9 Information on all Wells
Exhibit J – 9 Community Water Info on all Wells [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit K – 10 Mains and Meter Info [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit L – 11 Reservoirs Information (Not Applicable)
Exhibit M – 12 Community Water Storage Capacity [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit N – 13 Service Deficiencies and Remedies – Public Water System IPS Report [PROP]
Exhibit O – 14 Service Quality – Public Water System IPS Report [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit P – 15 Additions or Improvements in the Last Five Years
Exhibit Q – 16 Any Anticipated Additions or Improvements
Exhibit R – 16 Community Water Additions & Improvements [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit S – 17 Community Water Company Water Conservation Plan
Exhibit T – 18 Each Connection Identified by Unique Lot Number or Address – Customer Location Report [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit U – 19 Date First Put Into Service – March 29, 1984 (Articles of Incorporation of Community Water Co.)
Exhibit V – 20 Whether Metered or Unmetered
Exhibit W – 21 Whether Classified as Residential or Commercial
Exhibit X – 22 Water Usage Per Month or Billing Cycle, Showing Minimum and Overage Gallons Used [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit Y – 23 Amount Billed Per Month or Billing Cycle [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit Z – 24 Anticipated Growth Showing Minimum and Overage Gallon Used
Exhibit AA – 25 Water Usage and Billings Projected for the Next Three Years [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit BB – 26 Information on any Secondary/Irrigation Water System (Not Applicable)
Exhibit CC – 27 Identification Whether Secondary Water is Distributed Through the Culinary System (Not Applicable)
Exhibit DD – 28 Identification (Contact Information) for any Accountant Used by the Utility
Exhibit EE – 29 Copies of the General Ledger [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit FF – 30 Copies of the Balance Sheet [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit GG – 31 Copies of the Income Statement [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit HH – 32 Copy of the Utilities Check Register [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit II – 33 Billing Documentation/Reports
Exhibit JJ – 33 Accumulated Depreciation List for 2013 [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit KK – 34 Copies of Tax Returns for the Prior Two Complete Years (Not Applicable)
Exhibit LL – 35 Information on All Notes Payable, Loans and Other Obligations (Not Applicable)
Exhibit MM – 36 Copy of Notice Sent to Customers Notifying them that the Utility is Seeking a Rate Increase
July 28, 2014 Community Water Company LLC Notice of Intent to File Rate Case

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