Q. Process and rules for filing a document with the Public Service Commission

A: Filing Requirements

Q: Utah Code Ann. § 54-17-501 allows, under certain circumstances, an electric utility to ask for a waiver of the requirement that the utility obtain a significant energy resource by conducting a solicitation. How do I go about signing up to receive notice and information when a utility seeks a waiver to obtain a significant energy resource without conducting a solicitation?
A: Utah Code Ann. § 54-17-501 requires a utility to provide notice and information about its waiver request to individuals who have indicated an interest and who have agreed to abide by the terms of a Protective Order controlling the use of the information provided. In Docket No. 07-035-15 Rocky Mountain Power requested that the PSC issue the Generic Protective Order required by the statute. The Protective Order was issued in Docket No. 07-999-03. The Protective Order, a blank Appendix A, and the individuals who have previously signed are available in Docket No. 07-999-03. If you want access to confidential information, you must agree to the terms and conditions contained in the Generic Protective Order. The blank Appendix A will have instructions on how to return the form to the PSC.

Q: How do I get assistance with my utility bills?
A: Link to energy assistance programs

Q: How can I reduce my utility bills?
A: Link to tips on how to save energy in a home or business

Q: Who sets the price of natural gas?
A: The natural gas wholesale price is set in the marketplace; in the 1980s the federal government stopped regulating natural gas prices at the wellhead. Wholesale prices reflect conditions of supply, demand, storage and transportation cost.

Q: Do the rates I pay on my gas bill ever go down?
A: Yes. Since 1988, gas rates have decreased 32 times and increased 33 times based on the changing prices of natural gas in the wholesale market. Gas Rate Changes

Q: Is there any help for customers who can’t pay their bill?
A: There are several things customers can do to better cope with high bills.

  1. Use energy wisely by properly maintaining your equipment, insulating your home and considering the use of proven technology like setback thermostats.
  2. Budget-billing options are available that allow you to spread your costs evenly throughout the year.
  3. We have approved Dominion Energy Utah’s ThermWise program that provides home energy audits and rebates for customers who buy high efficiency appliances or install energy-saving measures such as additional insulation and high efficiency windows. See www.ThermWise.com for details.
  4. The Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) and REACH programs can help qualified applicants with their heating bills in the winter months. HEAT funding runs from October 1 through the end of February.
  5. Customers can also apply for a weatherization program that helps find ways to increase energy efficiency in their homes — by installing weather stripping, caulking, insulation, etc. Information on these programs is available at: Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) Program

Q: If a customer has called the utility customer service, and they still have additional questions, who handles complaints regarding telephone/electric/water/gas bills or services?
A: Maralie Wright, Stefanie Liebert, Gwen Flores, and Cynthia Dumas at the Division of Public Utilities. These individuals are complaint specialists who can be reached by telephone at (801) 530-7622 or (800) 874-0904. They are able to resolve most complaints. If the complaint can’t be resolved, it is referred to the PSC. For more information on complaints, click here

Q: Does the PSC regulate wireless or cellular telephone companies?
A: No, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates wireless or cellular phone companies. The FCC can be reached toll free at (888) 225-5322 or the non-toll free number is 202-418-1310.

Q: How do I know what has been filed with the PSC?
A: Documents filed with the PSC can be found here.

Q: How do I submit a filing with the PSC?
A: 1) Refer to the PSC Filing Requirements
2) If a utility application is being filed with the PSC for the first time, a $100 filing fee is required.

Q: How can I receive an electronic copy of a filing?
A: An electronic copy can be ordered by calling the PSC at (801) 530-6716 or by calling toll free at (866) PSC – UTAH. Before you call, it is helpful to know the docket number of the filing, a description of what was filed, and the filing date.

Q: Are copies of filings available on the website?
A: Most filings are available on the website. Electronic copies of filings not available on the website can be requested by emailing the PSC at psc@utah.gov or by calling the PSC at 801-530-6716.

Q: How do I find information on a certain docket, i.e., updates on latest filings, what has been filed by which party, date of filing, etc.?
A: To find the latest issues on a specific docket go to the Log on the PSC Website and find the docket number you are interested in. The Log is set up by the date it was filed, the docket number, and a brief description of what was filed.
Date – 25/25/2010
Docket # – 10-035-t02
# of copies (1) Description TARIFF APPROVAL LETTER FROM THE COMMISSION   In the Matter of This filing is submitted in compliance with the Commission’s Phase I Order on Revenue Requirement issued February 18, 2010, in Docket No. 09-035-23 implementing a $32.4 million increase in annual revenue requirement.

Q: Where can I look to find when and where a hearing is scheduled?
A: A calendar on the PSC website will show the date and time for all hearings and technical conferences scheduled for the PSC. Click on the Calendar

Q: What is a docket number, how is it assigned, and how do I get one?
A: A docket number is issued by the PSC when a new filing is made. The first two numbers are created by combining the last two digits of the current year. For example if the filing is a CenturyLink filing and it is filed on December 1, 2009, the first 2 digits would be 09. The middle numbers are specific company numbers assigned by the PSC. To continue the example, CenturyLink number is 049, so thus far we have 09-049. The last digits are determined by the filing sequence made during any given year. In the year 2009, CenturyLink has 85 filings, so the next assigned docket number for CenturyLink would be 09-049-86.

Q: Can I pay my utility bill at the PSC?
A: No, the PSC does not accept payments for utility bills.
Dominion Energy Utah
Rocky Mountain Power

Q: What involvement does the PSC have with deaf and hard-of-hearing issues?
A: The PSC administers the deaf relay funds for the State of Utah. For programs and information related to this issue, visit Relay Utah.

Q. Where can I find a history of Utah’s electric and natural gas utility rates?
A. Gas Rate Changes

B. Electric Rate Changes

Q: Where can I find other helpful FAQs?
A: Division of Public Utilities

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