Telecom 2023

Orders and Notices

These orders and notices are stored in PDF format. They are listed by the month issued, docket number, and name of the order or notice issued by the Public Service Commission of Utah.

2/6/2023 Docket No. 23-2452-01Order Acknowledging New Name and Amending Certificate of Public Convenience and NecessityLingo Telecom, LLC d/b/a Trinsic Communications d/b/a Lingo – Notification of Name Change to Add d/b/a BullsEyeComm
1/20/2023 Docket No. 22-049-62Scheduling Order, Notice of Hearing, and Notice of Public Witness HearingQwest Corporation d/b/a CenturyLink QC – Petition for Statewide Exemption from the R746-350-1(b) Carrier of Last Resort Obligation
1/30/2023 Docket No. 23-2617-01Notice of Filing and Comment PeriodIntrado Communications, LLC – Notice of an Internal Reorganization that will Result in a Pro Forma Change in its Ownership Structure