Gas 2018

Orders & Notices

These orders and notices are stored in PDF format. They are listed by the month issued, docket number, name of the order, notice, or (occasionally) another type of document issued by the Public Service Commission of Utah.

2/7/2018 Docket No. 17-057-17 Notice of Filing and Comment Period (PDF) (Issued: 2/7/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Application to Amortize the Energy Efficiency Deferred Account Balance
2/12/2018 Docket No. 17-057-24 Order Dismissing Complaint (PDF) (Issued: 2/12/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Formal Complaint of S. Koyle
2/1/2018 Docket No. 18-057-T01 Notice of Filing and Comment Period (PDF) (Issued: 2/1/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Proposed Tariff Revisions to Section 2.07, Infrastructure Rate Adjustment Tracker, and Associated Refund
1/5/2018 Docket No. 17-057-12 Report and Order (PDF) (Issued: 1/5/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Dominion Energy Utah’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for Plan Year: June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018
1/31/2018 Docket No. 17-057-13 Order Granting Unopposed Motion to Amend Scheduling Order (PDF) (Issued: 1/31/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Request for Agency Action and Complaint of US Magnesium, LLC
1/24/2018 Docket No. 17-057-20 Order Granting Intervention of the Utah Association of Energy Users (PDF) (Issued: 1/24/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Pass-Through Application for an Adjustment in Rates and Charges for Natural Gas Service in Utah
1/3/2018 Docket Nos. 17-057-26 and 17-035-69 Notice Regarding the Utah Association of Energy Users’ Motion for Orders for Deferred Accounting Treatment of Benefits Associated with 2018 Tax Reconciliation Act (PDF) (Issued: 1/3/18) Dominion Energy Utah and Rocky Mountain Power – Investigation of Revenue Requirement Impacts of the New Federal Tax Legislation Titled: “An act to provide for reconciliation pursuant to titles II and V of the concurrent resolution of the budget for fiscal year 2018”
1/24/2018 Docket No. 18-057-01 Notice of 2018 Pre- and Post-IRP Filing Technical Conferences (PDF) (Issued: 1/24/18) Dominion Energy Utah – Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for Plan Year: June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019