Staff Members


Thad LeVar Commission Chair
David Clark Commissioner
Jordan White Commissioner


Gary Widerburg Commission Administrator 801-530-6713
Michael Hammer Legal Counsel / Administrative Law Judge 801-530-6729
Yvonne Hogle Legal Counsel / Administrative Law Judge 801-530-6709
Carol Revelt Executive Staff Director 801-530-6711
Jamie Dalton Economist Utility Analyst – Electricity and Natural Gas 801-530-6707
Eric Martinson Utility Technical Consultant – Electricity and Natural Gas 801-530-6770
John Harvey Economist, Technical Advisor, Telecommunications, Electricity & Natural Gas 801-530-6781
Melissa Paschal Lead Paralegal 801-530-6769
Fred Nass Paralegal 801-530-6742
Faqiha Zahra Paralegal 801-530-6714
Melissa Parache Paralegal 801-530-6763
Maxine Lynch Accounting Technician III 801-530-6715
Jodi Goodenough Telecommunications Relay Specialist 801-715-3470