Docket No: 22-030-01

Application of Moon Lake Electric Association, Inc. for Authority to Issue Securities in the Form of a Loan Agreement and Secured Promissory Note

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Date Description
April 28, 2022 Order
April 21, 2022 Comments from the Division of Public Utilities
DPU Exhibit 1 – Historical Cash Flow Statements
April 8, 2022 Notice of Filing and Comment Period
April 6, 2022 Action Request, Due: April 21, 2022
April 6, 2022 Verified Application for Approval to Issue Securities
Exhibit A – Loan Agreement [CONFIDENTIAL]
Exhibit B – Secured Promissory Note [CONFIDENTIAL]
Exhibit C – Meeting Agendas and Notices
Exhibit D – 5-Year Historical Financial Statements
Exhibit E – Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors Held March 9, 2022
Exhibit F – Proposed Agenda for the March 23, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting
Exhibit G – Certificate of Resolutions and Incumbency
Exhibit H – Restated Mortgage and Security Agreement with CFC
Exhibit I – Lien Filed with the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Corporations and Commercial Code on June 2, 2005
Exhibit J – Lien Filed with the Colorado Secretary of State on June 3, 2005

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