Docket No: 96-095-02

In the Matter of the Petition of MCI Metro Access Transmission Services, Inc. for Authority to Compete as a Telecommunications Corporation and to Offer Local Exchange for Public Telecommunications Services

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Date Description
November 4, 2021 Order Acknowledging New Name and Amending Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
March 26, 1999 Public Service Commission’s Acknowledgment Letter to MCI Regarding its Revisions to Utah Price List No. 2
February 18, 1999 Comments from the Division of Public Utilities
January 28, 1999 Changes to MCI’s Price List No. 2
June 27, 1997 Correspondence from William Levis for MCI
February 5, 1997 Exhibit “A” to the Protective Order for Nancy W. Gibbs, Ray A. Hendershot, and James L. VanHoesen
January 29, 1997 Report and Order
January 21, 1997 Notice of Merger of MCI Communications Corporation, Inc. and British Telecommunications plc
January 16, 1997 Chart of Accounts [CONFIDENTIAL]
January 15, 1997 Exhibit “A” to the Protective Order from Matthew McNulty, III [Document Unavailable]
January 6, 1997 Protective Order
December 17, 1996 Stipulation to Compliance With Statutory Factors
December 17, 1996 Reporter’s Transcript, Re: December 17, 1996
December 10, 1996 Direct Testimony of Michael Hydock on behalf of MCI Telecommunications Corporation
December 5, 1996 Motion for Protective Order [Document Unavailable]
November 13, 1996 Notice of Hearing
October 15, 1996 Action Request [Document Unavailable]
October 15, 1996 Request for Agency Action, Re: Certification for MCImetro

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