Docket No: 21-999-01

Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports Regarding Electric Utility Services; 2021

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Date Description
May 14, 2021 PacifiCorp’s Informational Filing of 2021 Transmission Formula Rate Annual Update – FERC Docket No. ER11-3643
May 11, 2021 Notice of Confidential Technical Conference
May 7, 2021 PacifiCorp’s First Revised Rate Schedule No. 754, Project Construction Agreement for Pinto Substation with Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association Inc. and Empire Electric Association – FERC Docket No. ER21-1870
May 4, 2021 Notice of Requested Technical Conference
May 3, 2021 PacifiCorp’s 10th Revised Service Agreement No. 628, Network Integration Transmission Service Agreement with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Incorporated – FERC Docket No. ER21-1827
April 19, 2021 PacifiCorp’s Updated Transmission System Loss Factor – FERC Docket No. ER21-1711
April 5, 2021 Annual Business Update Presentation
Recorded Live Stream of Annual Business Update Presentation
March 29, 2021 PacifiCorp’s Open Access Transmission Formula Depreciation Rates Tariff Revisions – FERC Docket No. ER21-1547
March 8, 2021 Public Notice Re: Rocky Mountain Power’s Annual Business Update
March 1, 2021 FERC Form 556 – Thermo No. 1 BE-01, LLC
February 3, 2021 Cybersecurity Update Presentation
Recorded Live Stream of Cybersecurity Update Presentation
January 12, 2021 Public Notice, Re: Rocky Mountain Power’s Update on Cybersecurity

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