Docket No: 18-035-23

Rocky Mountain Power’s 2018 Avoided Cost Input Changes Quarterly Compliance Filing

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Date Description
June 20, 2018 Comments from the Division of Public Utilities
May 31, 2018 Action Request Due: June 20, 2018
May 31, 2018 Rocky Mountain Power’s Quarterly Compliance Filing – 2018.Q1 Avoided Cost Input Changes
RMP Exhibit A – Appendix B.1
RMP Exhibit B – Appendix B.2
RMP Exhibit C – Appendix B.3
RMP Exhibit D – Appendix C

RMP WP1-UT 2018.Q1 – QF Queue Partial Displacement Calculation
RMP WP2-UT 2018.Q1 – FOT Partial Displacement

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