Docket No: 11-999-05

Rulemaking for Public Utilities

Docket Index

Docket Number: 11-999-05

In the Matter of: Rulemaking for Service Reliability and Continuity Requirements for Electric Public Utilities

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Date Description
February 21, 2013 Rule Made Effective 2/21/2013
January 7, 2013 Cover Letter
Rocky Mountain Power’s Proposed Utah Service Reliability Performance Baselines
January 4, 2013 Order Granting Extension of Time
December 28, 2012 Comments from DPU
December 27, 2012 Action Request Due: January 22, 2013
December 24, 2012 Correspondence from Rocky Mountain Power Re: Request for Extension of Filing Deadline
December 20, 2012 Correspondence from Gary L. Widerburg
December 14, 2012 Comments from DPU
September 14, 2012 Additional Comments and Recommendations from Rocky Mountain Power
Certificate of Service
July 2, 2012 Comments from DPU
July 2, 2012 Cover Letter
Comments of RMP
Exhibit A – Utah Service Quality Reliability Rules Comparison
Exhibit B – Utah Proposed Reliability Report Markup
Exhibit C – Rule Differences between Utilities
April 19, 2011 Notice of Rulemaking and Technical and Scheduling Conference

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