Docket No: 10-2423-01

Formal Complaint Deweyville Residents vs. Cedar Ridge Distributions Company

Docket Index

Docket Number: 10-2423-01

In the Matter of: of the Formal Complaint of Bryce and Lori Wiser; Buddy and Dorothy Hogan; Keith and Barbara Anderson; Frank and Traci Walker; and Doug and Dianne Adams (Deweyville Residents) Against Cedar Ridge Distribution Company


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Date Description
November 1, 2010 Comments from DPU
October 4, 2010 Action Request Due: November 3, 2010
October 4, 2010 Formal Complaint
Exhibit A – Notice of Meeting
Exhibit B – Memorandum of Understanding
Exhibit C – Water Well Purchase Agreement
Exhibit D – Presentation for 8-9-2010 meeting
Exhibit E – Article of Incorporation
Exhibit F – Bylaws of Cedar Ridge
Exhibit G – Letter dated 8-9-2010
Exhibit H – Petition for an Order to Show Cause
Exhibit I – Notice of Meeting 9-13-2010
Exhibit J – Proposed Budget
Exhibit K – DNR Water Rights
Exhibit L – DNR Water Records Use Information
Exhibit M – Letter from Garland City dated 3-30-2010
Exhibit N – Cash Flow Report
Exhibit O – Letter Dated 5-10-2007
Exhibit P – Letter Dated 5-21-2009

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