Docket No: 02-2254-01

Boulder King Ranch Estates Water Company

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Docket Number: 02-2254-01

In the Matter of: a Petition for an Order to Show Cause Regarding Exemption from Commission Regulation of Boulder King Ranch Estates Water Company


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Date Description
July 22, 2003 Substitute Tariff Sheets
July 3, 2003 Report and Order
June 30, 2003 Fax from Boulder King Ranch Estates Residents
June 26, 2003 Supplemental Testimony of Wesley D. Huntsman
Exhibit A – Account Summary
Exhibit B
Exhibit C – Division Analysis
Exhibit D – Pro Forma
Exhibit E – Bank of Ephraim Loan
Exhibit F – Division Computation of Receivables
Exhibit G – Computation
Exhibit H –
Exhibit I
Exhibit J – Income Statement
Exhibit K
Exhibit L – Rate Base
Exhibit M – Revenue Requirement
Exhibit N – Revenue Requirement
Exhibit O – Customer Accounts Summary
June 26, 2003 Tariff Exhibit
June 26, 2003 Settlement Agreement and Motion to Approve
Settlement Agreement and Tariff
June 17, 2003 Correspondence from Wesley Huntsman
June 17, 2003 Notice of Hearing Regarding Settlement
April 29, 2003 Procedural Order and Notice of Hearing
March 20, 2003 Amended Scheduling Order
March 19, 2003 Motion for Indefinite Suspension of Scheduling Order and Establishment of Status Conference
February 18, 2003 Scheduling Order
February 13, 2003 Motion for Amendment of Procedural Schedule
December 31, 2002 Supplemental Testimony of Wesley D. Huntsman
Exhibit A – Division Reconstruction of Connection Fees Allowable
Exhibit B – Divison Computation and Rate Making
Exhibit C – Pro Forma
Exhibit D – Total Loan
Exhibit E – Division Computation of Receivables
Exhibit F – Division Computation of Maximum Fees and Interest Due
Exhibit G – Division Computation for Rate Making
Exhibit H – Pro Forma Balance Sheet
Exhibit I – Pro Forma Income Statement
Exhibit J – Division Computation of Water Assessments
Exhibit K – Pro Forma Rate Base
Exhibit L – Pro Forma Revenue Requirement
Exhibit M – Pro Forma Rate Increase Recommendation
Exhibit N – Division Allocation of payments to water company
October 28, 2002 Appearance of Counsel
October 25, 2002 Scheduling Order
October 24, 2002 Comments from DPU
October 16, 2002 Amended Report and Order
October 15, 2002 Report and Order
June 12, 2002 Post Hearing Brief
June 12, 2002 Brief of DPU
June 3, 2002 Correspondence from jim D. Arnold and Lynn A. Vogel
May 29, 2002 Testimony of Wesley D. Huntsman
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
May 20, 2002 Correspondence from Lloyd Kartchner
May 10, 2002 Comments from DPU
May 10, 2002 Notice of hearing and Order to Show Case
April 12, 2002 Pettion for an Order to Show Case
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
Attachment 5

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