Docket No: 16-2025-01

Formal Complaint – Patricia L. Matthews vs. Dammeron Valley Water Works

Docket Index

Docket Number: 16-2025-01

In the Matter of: the Formal Complaint of Patricia L. Matthews against Dammeron Valley Water Works


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Date Description
March 9, 2016 Order Dismissing Formal Complaint for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Vacating Final Reply Deadline
March 8, 2016 Cover Letter
Dammeron Valley Response to Formal Complaint
February 25, 2016 Comments from the Division of Public Utilities
February 24, 2016 Amendment to Formal Complaint of Patricia Matthews v Dammeron Valley Water Works
February 18, 2016 Supporting Exhibits for Matthews v. Dammeron from Division of Public Utilites
February 17, 2016 Notice of Filing and Comment Period
February 17, 2016 Action Request Due: March 18, 2016
February 17, 2016 Formal Complaint – Patricial L. Matthews vs. Dammeron Valley Water Works
Exhibit A – Informal Complaint

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