Docket No: 13-2404-01

Cedar Point Water Company and Apple Valley Water Company – Cancel CPCNs

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Docket Number: 13-2404-01

In the Matter of: Apple Valley Water Company (“AV”) and Cedar Point Water Company (“CP”) Acquisition by Big Plains Water and Sewer Special Service District, and Requests of AV and CP to Surrender their Respective CPCNs


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Date Description
August 5, 2013 Order Canceling Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity
August 1, 2013 Comments from DPU
July 12, 2013 Action Request Due: August 7, 2013
July 8, 2013 Correspondence from Cedar Point Water Co. Inc.
* Exhibit A – Construction Loan Document
* Exhibit B – Escrow Instructions, Acknowledgment and Indemnity
* Exhibit C – First Amendment to Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Assets
* Exhibit D – Bill of Sale
* Exhibit E – Amendment and Restatement of Purchase Agreement
* Exhibit F – Tax Pro-Ration Agreement
* Exhibit G – Recorded Conveyance Documents

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