Docket No: 05-2430-01

Proposed Acquisition of MCI by Verizon

Docket Index

Docket Number: 05-2430-01

In the Matter of: the Proposed Acquisition of MCI, Inc. by Verizon Communications, Inc.

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Date Description
March 9, 2005 Notification
Exhibit A
March 10, 2005 Action Request, Due: May 9, 2005
April 11, 2005 Amendment to Agreement
April 21, 2005 Petition to Intervene of Covad Communications
April 26, 2005 Comments from DPU
April 29, 2005 Comments of Covad Communications Company
April 29, 2005 Objection to Covad’s Petition to Intervene
May 6, 2005 Letter from Verizon Communications
May 19, 2005 Motion to Strike, or in the Alternative, Response of MCI, Inc. And Verizon to the Comments of Covad Communications
May 31, 2005 Covad’s Response to MCI and Verizon’s Motion to Strike Covad’s Comments
June 13, 2005 Reply in Support of Parties’ Motion to Strike or in the Alternative, to Overrule the Comments of Covad Communications Company
August 29, 2005 Policy Study
August 29, 2005 Order Granting Intervention to Covad
September 7, 2005 Notice of Status and Scheduling Conference
September 14, 2005 Comments of DPU
September 15, 2005 Covad’s Petition for Leave to Withdraw its Intervention
September 16, 2005 Order Granting Withdrawal of Intervening Party and Approving Merger

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