Docket No: 08-042-T01

Emery Telecom

Tariff File

Docket Number: 08-042-T01

In the Matter of: Pages being changed: Emery Telephone, P.S.C. Utah No. 2, 3rd Revised Sheets 43.7-43.9, replacing 2nd Revised Sheet No. 43.7-43.9; Emery Telephone, P.S.C. Utah No. 2, 2nd Revised Sheets 37-41, replacing 1st Revised Sheet No. 37-41; Exchange Carriers of Utah, P.S.C.U. No. 1, Original sheets N. 144.13-144.14 and 222.4-222.5.


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Date Description
December 16, 2008 Comments from DPU
December 1, 2008 Action Request
December 1, 2008 Tariff Cover Sheet

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