Docket No: 06-2469-01

All American Telephone Co., Inc. CPCN

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Docket Number: 06-2469-01

In the Matter of: the Application of All American Telephone Co., Inc. For a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Provide Local Exchange Services within the State of Utah

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Date Description
April 19, 2006 Application
April 26, 2006 Action Request, Due: June 26, 2006
June 9, 2006 Petition to Intervene of the Utah Rural Telecom Association and Association Members; and, Petition to Exclude from Application All Exchanges Serving Fewer than 5,000 Access Lines
June 27, 2006 Order Granting Intervention – to Utah Rural Telecom Association
July 6, 2006 Request for Scheduling Conference
July 13, 2006 Notice of Scheduling Conference
July 14, 2006 Amended Notice of Scheduling Conference
August 3, 2006 Notice of Technical and Scheduling Conference
August 28, 2006 Amended Application
Exhibit A – Certificate of Service
September 1, 2006 Action Request, Due: October 31, 2006
September 12, 2006 Motion for Protective Order
September 19, 2006 Protective Order

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