Docket No: 12-2302-T01

Carbon/Emery Telcom, Inc. Tariff Filing

Tariff File

Docket Number: 12-2302-T01

In the Matter of: These revisions are necessary as a compliance filing to incorporate the changes implemented by the FCC Lifeline Reform Order (FCC 12-11).


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Date Description
April 9, 2012 Tariff Approval Letter from the Commission
March 30, 2012 Comments from the Division of Public Utilities
March 28, 2012 Action Request, Due: ASAP
March 27, 2012 Cover Letter
Sheet No. 31, 12-T01
Sheet No. 32, 12-T01
Sheet No. 33, 12-T01
Sheet No. 34, 12-T01
Sheet No. 35, 12-T01
Sheet No. 36, 12-T01

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