Docket No: 11-2539-01

GC Pivotal, LLC

Docket Index

Docket Number: 11-2539-01

In the Matter of: the Petition of GC Pivotal, LLC for Authority to Compete as a Telecommunications Corporation and to Offer Interexchange and Public Local Exchange Telecommunications Services


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Date Description
April 20, 2011 Report and Order
March 31, 2011 Comments from DPU
Affidavit of Ron Slusher
March 14, 2011 Action Request, Due: April 13, 2011
February 28, 2011 Cover Letter
Request for Agency Action
Exhibit A – Financial Statements
Exhibit B – Statement Regarding Facilities
Exhibit C – Management Profiles
Exhibit D – Certification in Other Jurisdictions
Exhibit E – Proof of Authority to Conduct Business in Utah
Exhibit F – 5 Year Projection of Expected Operations
Exhibit G – Statement Regarding Complaints
Exhibit H – Statement Regarding Written Policies Regarding Solicitation of New Customers and Description of Efforts made to Prevent Unauthorized Switching of Utah Local Service
Exhibit I – Chart of Accounts
Exhibit J – Organizational Chart
Exhibit K – Bankruptcy Order
Exhibit L – Utah 3 Year Projections [PROPRIETARY]

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