Docket No: 15-2580-02

X5 Solutions & X5 OpCo LLC – Joint Application

Docket Index

Docket Number: 15-2580-02

In the Matter of: the Joint Application of X5 Solutions, Inc. and X5 OpCo LLC for Approval of Asset and Customer Transfer Transaction


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Date Description
November 18, 2015 Notification Regarding the Acquisition by X5 OpCo LLC of Certain NovaTel Ltd. Inc. Assets
November 5, 2015 Notification Regarding the Acquisition by X5 OpCoLLC of NovaTel Ltd. Inc. Assets
June 2, 2015 Order Approving Transfer of Customers and Assets
May 7, 2015 Reporter’s Transcript Re: May 7, 2015
April 21, 2015 Comments from Division of Public Utilities
March 26, 2015 Notices of Application for Approval to Transfer Customers and Assets, Comment Period, and Hearing
March 23, 2015 Action Request Due: April 22, 2015
March 23, 2015 Cover Letter
Joint Application
Exhibit A – Transfer Exhibit 1 (FCC App)
Exhibit B – Transfer Exhibit 2 (Oregon App)
Exhibit C – Transfer Exhibit 3 (Washington App)
Exhibit D – Transfer Exhibit 4 (Customer Notification)
Exhibit E – Transfer Exhibit 5 (Reynolds Verification)
Exhibit F – Transfer Exhibit 6 (Maner Verification)
Certificate of Service

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