Docket No: 10-035-117

Rocky Mountain Power / Heber Light & Power Company

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Docket Number: 10-035-117

In the Matter of: the Application of Rocky Mountain Power for Approval of Settlement Agreement with Heber Light & Power Company and Amendment of Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity


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Date Description
March 9, 2011 Report and Order
January 20, 2011 Reporter’s Transcript Re: January 10, 2011
January 5, 2011 E-mail Correspondence from Julie Orchard
December 30, 2010 Order Granting Intervention
December 21, 2010 Comments from DPU
Exhibit A – Data Request 1.8
Exhibit B – Data Request 1.9
Exhibit C – Data Request 1.14
Exhibit D – Data Request 1.32
Exhibit E – Customer Service Rules and Rate Schedules
Exhibit F – Data Request 1.20
Exhibit G – Data Request 1.22
Exhibit H – Data Request 1.11
Exhibit I – Data Request 1.6
Exhibit J – Data Request 1.17
Exhibit K – Data Request 1.24
Exhibit L – Monthly Usage Residential
Exhibit M – Montly Usage Commercial
December 21, 2010 Comments from OCS
December 8, 2010 Petition to Intervene of Heber Light & Power Company
December 6, 2010 Notice of Location for Public Witness Hearing
November 22, 2010 Scheduling Order
November 9, 2010 RMP’s Replacement Exhibit
November 9, 2010 Notice of Scheduling Conference
November 8, 2010 Comments from DPU
November 8, 2010 Action Request Due: January 6, 2011
November 4, 2010 Application for Approval of Settlement Agreement and Amendment of Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
Exhibit A – Settlement Agreement and General Release
Exhibit B – Conditional Franchise Agreement Appendix 1
Exhibit C – Conditional Franchise Agreement Appendix 2
Exhibit D – Conditional Franchise Agreement Appendix 3
Exhibit E – Conditional Franchise Agreement Appendix 4
Exhibit F – Conditional Franchise Agreement Appendix 5
Exhibit G – Conditional Franchise Agreement Appendix 6
Exhibit H – Agreement for Transfer of Dist. Facilities & Customers
Exhibit I – Chart of Tasks Appendix 7.1
Exhibit J – Transferred RMP Facilities in Lake Creek Area
Exhibit K – Transfer RMP Facilities to Swiss Mountain Estates
Exhibit L – Transfer RMP Facilities to Oak Haven Areas
Exhibit M – Desc. of RMP Transferred Facilities
Exhibit N – Transfer of RMP to Swiss Mountain Area
Exhibit O – Transfer RMP Facilities to Oak Haven Areas
Exhibit P – North Village and North Fields Area
Exhibit Q – Description of Transferred Heber Light & Power
Exhibit R – No. Village & No. Area Fields Area Coyotes Lane
Exhibit S – Snake Creek Distribution Transfer to RMP
Exhibit T – Joint Ownership and Operation Agreement
Exhibit U – Switching Protocol
Exhibit V – Facilities to be Constructed by RMP
Exhibit W – Facilities to be Constructed by RMP
Exhibit X – State and Local Property Taxes
Exhibit FF – Right of First Refusal
Exhibit HH – June 9, 1960 Application
Exhibit II – Section 11-13-204(7) Utah Code Annotated
Exhibit JJ – Proposed Scheduled for Docket No. 10-035-117
Exhibit KK – Testimony of Mark C. Moench
Exhibit LL– Testimony of Blaine Stewart
Exhibit MM – Heber LIght & Power Service Map
Exhibit NN – Testimony of Craig Broussard
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