Docket No: 09-035-T08


Tariff File

Docket Number: 09-035-T08

In the Matter of: The purpose of this filing is to request an adjustment to the Demand Side Management (DSM) Cost Adjustment tariff rider (appearing on customer bills as a line item entitled “Customer Efficiency Services”) to collect approximately $85.4 million per year to support the acquisition of cost effective energy efficiency and load management resources.


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Date Description
April 20, 2016 Order
April 15, 2016 RMP Request for New Due Date for DSM Semi-Annual Report
November 19, 2014 Comments from DPU
December 18, 2014 Correspondence from Gary L. Widerburg
November 6, 2014 Notice of Filing and Comment Period
October 28, 2014 Action Request Due: November 24, 2014
October 24, 2014 Rocky Mountain Power’s Compliance Filing
November 30, 2012 Action Request Due: December 28, 2012
November 28, 2012 Cover Letter
Updated Attachment A to Demand-side Management Reports
Updated Attachment B to Demand-side Management Report
November 26, 2012 DPU Request for Extension of Time
Certificate of Service
May 2, 2011 Cover Letter
Demand-Side Management Report
November 1, 2010 Cover Letter
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
April 29, 2010
Filed in 10-035-57
Cover Letter
Demand-Side Management 2010 Semi Annual Forecast
November 3, 2009 Meeting to discuss schedule 193 and modifications
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November 3, 2009 Meeting to discuss Schedule 192 Modifications
Proposed Schedule 192
DSM Opt-Out Proposal Presentation
Rocky Mountain Power Presentation
November 2, 2009
Re: 09-035-103
Cover Letter to Demand-Side Management Report
Exhibit A – Utah DSM Balancing Account Analysis
Exhibit B – DSM 2010 Program Expenditures & Revenues
October 28, 2009 Order Granting Intervention
October 5, 2009 Petition to Intervene of Nucor Steel-Utah, a Division of Nucor Corporation
September 28, 2009 Notice of Review Meetings
September 14, 2009 Comments from DPU
September 9, 2009 Reporter’s Transcript Re: August 20, 2009
September 1, 2009 Action Request, Due September 23, 2009
August 31, 2009 Revised Tariff Page, Cover Letter
Revised Tariff Page
August 31, 2009 Notice of Inquiry Areas
August 25, 2009 Order Granting Approval of Phase I Stipulation
August 20, 2009 Stipulation Hearing for DSM Tariff Rider
Part 1
Part 2
August 18, 2009 Proposal for Scope of the Phase II Proceeding filed by Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) and Utah Clean Energy (UCE)
August 18, 2009 UAE’s Phase II Scoping Proposal
August 18, 2009 Rocky Mountain Power’s Proposal for Scope of Phase II Proceedings
August 18, 2009 Scope of Issues of Salt Lake Community Action Program
August 18, 2009 Comments from OCS
Exhibit A
August 18, 2009 Memorandum from DPU
August 18, 2009 The UIEC’s Proposal on Scope of Future Demand-Side Management Proceeding
August 18, 2009 Western Resource Advocates’ Proposal on Scope
Exhibit A
August 17, 2009 Order Granting Intervention of Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
August 11, 2009 Amended Notice of Scheduling Conference
August 6, 2009 Notice of Vacation of August 12, 2009, Hearing Date and Notice of New Hearing Date for Stipulation Review
August 5, 2009 Order Granting Intervention of Western Resource Advocates
August 3, 2009 Motion for Approval of Stipulation Regarding Phase I – Recovery of the Balance in the Demand-Side Management Deferred Account and the Company’s Forecast of Future DSM Expenditures
Stipulation Regarding Phase I
Attachment 1: Revised Schedule 193.2
Attachment 2: Revised Schedule 111
Attachment 2: Revised Schedule 112
Attachment 2: Revised Schedule 113
Attachment 2: Revised Schedule 114
Attachment 3: Schedule 111 Flowchart
July 28, 2009 Correspondence from Rocky Mountain Power
July 28, 2009 Scheduling Order
July 28, 2009 Petition to Intervene of Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)
July 16, 2009 Petition for Leave to Intervene of Western Resource Advocates
July 13, 2009 Order Granting Intervention
July 13, 2009 Notice of Subject of July 14, 2009, Technical Conference
July 9, 2009 Cover Letter
Rocky Mountain Power’s Response to Petition of Utah Association of Energy Users’ Request for Agency Action to Investigate and Revise DSM Programs and Cost Recovery Mechanisms and Utah Industrial Energy Consumers’ Protest and Request for Hearing
Service List
July 7, 2009 Order and Notice
July 7, 2009 Notice of Scheduling Conference
July 1, 2009 Petition to Intervene of Utah Clean Energy
June 25, 2009 Comments from DPU
June 24, 2009 Utah Association of Energy Users’ Petition to Intervene, Petition for Suspension of RMP’s Proposed Adjustment to Schedule 193, and Request for Agency Action to Investigate and Revise DSM Programs and Cost Recovery Mechanisms
June 23, 2009 Cover Letter
Petition to Intervene of the Utah Industrial Energy Consumers and Protest and Request for Hearing
June 15, 2009 Action Request, Due July 23, 2009
June 11, 2009 Tariff Cover Letter
Sheet No. 193.2
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E

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