Docket No: 06-035-27


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Docket Number: 06-035-27

In the Matter of: the Application of PacifiCorp for Authority to (1) issue its promissory notes to and borrow from commercial banks for (a) not more than $1.5 billion under revolving credit agreements, and (b) not more than $1.5 billion under other borrowing arrangements; and (2) issue and sell its commercial paper in principal amounts not to exceed $1.5 billion outstanding at any one time

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Date Description
March 17, 2006 Report and Order
March 15, 2006 Comments from DPU
February 27, 2006 Action Request, due: April 28, 2006
February 24, 2006 Application Cover Letter
Proposed Report and Order
Credit Agreement
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C and D
Exhibit E, F, and G
Exhibit H

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