Docket No: 04-035-70

Members of Class v. Utah Power and Light- Complaint

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Docket Number: 04-035-70

In the Matter of: the Complaint of Georgia B. Peterson, Janet B. Ward, William Van Cleaf, David Hiller, GP Studio, Inc., Truck Insurance Exchange, and Farmers Insurance Exchange on Behalf of Themselves and All Other Members of the Class Described Below Against ScottishPower PLC and PacifiCorp, dba Utah Power and Light Co., Requesting an Investigation, and Enforcement of the Commission’s Orders in Docket Nos. 87-035-27 and 98-2035-04 and Compensation for Losses

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Date Description
December 23, 2004 Petition and Request for Agency Action
December 23, 2004 Action Request, Due: January 24, 2005
January 24, 2005 Comments from DPU
February 7, 2005 Utah Power’s Motion to Dismiss and Answer
February 17, 2005 Letter from David Irvine
February 18, 2005 Letter from Concerned Residents
March 17, 2005 Letter from David Irvine
March 31, 2005 Response of Petitioners to Motion of PacifiCorp to Dismiss Complaint
May 5, 2005 Email Correspondence from Greg Monson
May 17, 2005 Notice of Scheduling Conference
May 23, 2005 Notice of Cancellation of Scheduling Conference
June 14, 2005 Comments from DPU
June 17, 2005 Letter to Sandy Mooy from David Irvine
June 17, 2005 Letter to Rich Walje from David Irvine
June 17, 2005 Notice of Filing of Request for Agency Action
June 20, 2005 Motion to Incorporate Previous Testimony into this Docket
Exhibit A –  Reporter’s Transcripts 2/23/05
July 1, 2005 Procedural Notice
July 7, 2005 Utah Power’s Response to Motion and Letters Filed by Petitioners and Request for Modification of Procedural Notice
July 12, 2005 Second Procedural Notice
August 1, 2005 Rebuttal to PacifiCorp Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss
August 1, 2005 Response of Petitioners to Recommendation of DPU Respecting Dismissal of Complaint
August 8, 2005 Reply of Petitioners to PacifiCorp’s Response to Motion to Incorporate Testimony and Comments Regarding Letters
August 15, 2005 Utah Power’s Reply to Petitioners’ Rebuttal
September 12, 2005 Notice of Status and Scheduling Conference
September 19, 2005 Utah Power’s Motion for Protective Order Staying Discovery
Exhibit A
September 26, 2005 Motion for the DPU for an Order Staying Discovery
September 26, 2005 Notice of Oral Argument on Motions to Stay Discovery
October 13, 2005 Response of Petitioners to Motions for Protective Orders Staying Discovery from PacifiCorp and the Utah Division of Public Utilities
October 25, 2005 Reply of the DPU
Exhibit A
October 25, 2005 Utah Power’s Reply in Support of Motion for Protective Order Staying Discovery
November 4, 2005 Order Denying Motions To Stay Discovery
November 9, 2005 Correspondence from Alan Smith
November 16, 2005 Correspondence from Patricia Schmid
Exhibit A – Supreme Court of Utah Case – Vito DIPRIZIO, Plaintiff, v. INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION OF the State of Utah, BOARD OF REVIEW, Defendant
Exhibit B – Supreme Court of Utah. – BEEHIVE TELEPHONE COMPANY, Petitioner, v. PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF UTAH, Respondent.
March 22, 2006 Order Setting Intervention Deadline and Noticing Status and Scheduling Conference
April 25, 2006 Notice of Cancellation of  Status and Scheduling Conference
May 5, 2006 Notice of Hearing
May 5, 2006 Stipulation
May 11, 2006 Sworn Direct Testimony of Georgia B. Peterson
May 22, 2006 Report and Order Approving Stipulation and Dismissing Petitions

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