Docket No: 11-035-180

Menlove-Johnson, Inc. vs. RMP

Docket Index

Docket Number: 11-035-180

In the Matter of: the Complaint of Menlove-Johnson, Inc. Against Rocky Mountain Power for Refund


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Date Description
January 25, 2012 Order Dismissing Complaint
January 20, 2012 Notice of Withdrawal of Complaint
January 20, 2012 Appendix A Re: Gary Dodge
January 10, 2012 Notice of Cancellation of Settlement Meeting and Reservation of Remaining Dates
December 15, 2011 Notice of Scheduling Order, Notice of Technical Conference, and Notice of Hearing
December 13, 2011 Appendix A Re: Barbara Ishimatsu
November 16, 2011 Notice of Scheduling Conference
November 10, 2011 Correspondence from Rocky Mountain Power Re: Handling of Confidential Information
Draft Appendix A
November 10, 2011 Pacificorps Answer
Exhibit A
November 8, 2011 Comments from DPU
October 13, 2011 Action Request Due: November 10, 201
October 6, 2011 Complaint
Exhibit A – Commercial/Industrial Customer Information Sheet
Exhibit B – One-Line Diagram
Exhibit C – General Service Contract

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