Docket No: 11-025-T01

Empire Electric Association, Inc. Tariff Filing

Tariff filing

Docket Number: 11-025-T01

In the Matter of: The 6.3 percent increase in rates will allow Empire Electric Association, Inc. to recover an increase in wholesale power from Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Inc., of 4.8 percent plus a small 2.7 percent general rate increase.


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Date Description
December 29, 2011 Tariff Acknowledgment Letter from Commission
December 19, 2011 Comments from DPU
December 2, 2011 Action Request, Due December 23, 2011
November 30, 2011 Cover Letter
Sheet No. 2: Index
Sheet No. 3: Residential Service
Sheet No. 5: Commercial and Industrial
Sheet No. 6A&B: Industrial
Sheet No. 7A: Security Lighting
Sheet No. 8: Security Lighting
Sheet No. 9A&C: Industrial
Sheet No. 11A&B: Residential Commercial Service
Sheet No. 11C&D: Residential/Commercial Service
Sheet No. 15: Renewable Energy
Exhibit A – Notice of Public Meeting Regarding Rate Increase
Exhibit B – Correspondence between Mr. Stephens and Mr. Patel
Exhibit C – Correspondence between Mr. Stephens and Ms. Iciek
Exhibit D – General Manager’s Letter Re: Rate Increase Effective January 1, 2012
Exhibit E – To Be Deleted Tariff Sheets
Exhibit F – Resolution 9-2011
Exhibit G – Notice of a Change in the Tariffs of Empire Electric Association, Inc.

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