Docket No: 16-2593-01

DPU’s Request for Agency Action – Mr. Michael Moyal (Millstream Motel) – Master Meter System

Docket Index

Docket Number: 16-2593-01

In the Matter of: Mr. Michael Moyal and the Master Meter System at the Millstream Motel


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Date Description
December 29, 2016 Order of Dismissal
December 21, 2016 Notice of Dismissal Pertaining to the Division of Public Utilities’ Request for Agency Action or, in the Alternative, Motion for Commission Approval of Settlement Agreement and Memorandum in Support
Exhibit A – Attachment A – Settlement Agreement
Exhibit B – Attachment B – Notice of Dismissal
November 22, 2016 Order Granting Motion to Suspend Schedule
November 22, 2016 Motion of the Division of Public Utilities to Suspend Schedule and for Expedited Consideration
October 25, 2016 Scheduling Order and Notice of Hearing
October 20, 2016 Utah Division of Public Utilities’ Request for Agency Action on Notice of Probable Violation, Proposed Hazardous Facility Order, Proposed Civil Penalty, and Proposed Compliance Order against Mr. Michael Moyal
Exhibit A – Notice of Probable Violation
Exhibit A1 – Proposed Compliance Order for Mr. Moyal Pertaining to the Master Meter System at the Millstream Motel, Ogden, Utah
Exhibit B – Correspondence from DPU
Exhibit C – Notice Regarding Inspection of Master Meter System – Warning Letter
Exhibit D – Notice – You Must Comply with Statutes, Regulations, and Rules Re: Master Meter Systems
Exhibit E – Email from Michael Moyal
Exhibit F – Master Meter System – Extension of Time Until May 9, 2016 for Compliance and Return of Form
Exhibit G – The Plan of Action
Exhibit H – Email from Brent Hunziker to David Coombs

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