Docket No: 10-2302-T01

Carbon / Emery Telcom, Inc.

Tariff File

Docket Number: 10-2302-T01

In the Matter of: Pursuant to the Order from the Commission dated June 24, 2010, the Commission approved a rate increase for Basic Residential Service
(R-1) from $15.49 per month to $16.50 per month and for Basic Business Service (B-1) from $25.49 per month to $26.00 per month for Carbon/Emery customers, at Carbon/Emery’s option.


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Date Description
January 10, 2011 Tariff Approval Letter from Commission
January 4, 2011 Comments from DPU
December 22, 2010 Action Request, Due: February 15, 2011
December 22, 2010 Tariff Cover Letter
Sheet No. 20
Sheet No. 21
Sheet No. 22

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