Docket No: 15-2576-01

Vitcom LLC – CPCN

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Docket Number: 15-2576-01

In the Matter of: the Application of Vitcom LLC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Provide Facilities-Based and Resold Local Exchange and Interexchange Telecommunications Services within the State of Utah


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Date Description
March 31, 2015 Report and Order
March 25, 2015 Reporter’s Transcript Re: March 24, 2015
March 20, 2015 Order Granting Intervention of The Utah Rural Telecom Association
March 5, 2015 Cover Letter
URTA Comments and Petition to Intervene
March 3, 2015 Comments from Division of Public Utilities
Affidavit of Ron Slusher
February 5, 2015 Notices of Filing, Comment Period, and Hearing
February 3, 2015 Action Request Due: March 5, 2015
February 3, 2015 Cover Letter
Corrected Electronic Vitcom Filing – Application fro CPCN
Exhibit A – Articles of Incorporation/Authority to Transact Business
Exhibit B – Managerial and Technical Qualifications
Exhibit C – Profit & Loss Statement PROPRIETARY
Exhibit D – Balance Sheet PROPRIETARY
Exhibit E – Profit & Loss Statement PROPRIETARY
Exhibit F – Evidence of Certification in Other Jurisdictions
Exhibit G – Proposed Tariff
Exhibit H – Verification
February 3, 2015 Revised Action Request, Effective Immediately
January 9, 2015 Email Correspondence from PSC to Mordy Gross
January 8, 2015 Action Request Due: February 9, 2015
January 8, 2015 Cover Letter
Vitcom LLC Application for CPCN
Exhibit A – Vitcom LLC Profit and Loss [PROPRIETARY]
Exhibit B – Vitcom Exhibit F
Exhibit C – Rules, Regulations and Schedule of Rates and Changes

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