Telecom 2017

Orders & Notices

These orders and notices are stored in PDF format. They are listed by the month issued, docket number, name of the order, notice, or (occasionally) another type of document issued by the Public Service Commission of Utah.

2/9/2017 Docket Nos. 16-2266-01, 16-2246-01, 16-2271-01, and 16-2351-02Order Approving Joint Application (PDF) (Issued: 2/9/17) Level 3 Communications, Inc. and CenturyLink, Inc. – Joint Application for Approval to Transfer Level 3 Communications, Inc. and all Level 3 Operating Entities to CenturyLink, Inc.
2/7/2017 Docket No. 17-2236-01Order Approving Application (PDF) (Issued: 2/7/17) Talk America Services, LLC – Application to Discontinue Telecommunications Services within the State of Utah
2/21/2017 Docket No. 17-2595-01Notices of Filing, Comment Period, and Hearing (PDF) (Issued: 2/21/17) Prestige Broadband, LLC – Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Provide Switched and Dedicated Facilities-based Local Exchange and Facilities-based Interexchange Services within the State of Utah
1/18/2017 Docket No. 12-2561-01Order Granting Relinquishment of Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Status (PDF) (Issued: 1/18/17) Total Call Mobile, Inc. – Petition for Limited Designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier
1/11/2017 Docket Nos. 16-2536-01, 16-2299-02, and 16-2263-01Order Approving Joint Application (PDF) (Issued: 1/11/17) Electric Lightwave Parent, Inc.; Electric Lightwave, LLC; Eschelon Telecom of Utah, Inc.; Integra Telecom of Utah, Inc.; and Zayo Group, LLC – Joint Application for Approval to Transfer Indirect Control